251 MC – How To Display

I now have a name for my project it is From The Flames.

I have had multiple ideas about how to display my final work. One of these is to individually frame each image for each person and to display their name, age and what their object is next to it. The downside of this idea is that it will cost a lot to buy frames for every photograph. My second idea is to do the same as above but by just mount the images on white foam board or mount board. My third idea is to use Oriented strand board (OSB) and put the photographs directly on to then board. I will then put numbers next to each photograph which will correspond to a list of the peoples names, age and what the object is. This is the idea that I am leaning towards most, this is because when a house has been burnt down or fire damaged they will secure that building using OSB to cover the windows, doors and any other openings that may be there. As my project is all about saving objects from a fire displaying it in this way would further show that.

I will make a frame like an easel to stand the sheet of OSB against ready for the final exhibition. I have decided on an order for my photographs to go in which is 4 of my friends at the top, the 5 members of my family on the middle row and then a family of 4 who have young children on the bottom row.

Once the images are linked to the information about each person the audience will begin to see similarities and differences in what people will take based on age and gender.

Here is a photograph of the sheet of OSB with the photographs on it and the letters to link to the information sheet (also below).




Screen Shot 2015-03-05 at 12.36.04

For the submission I will bring in just the board because I can’t get the stand and the board in to uni at the same time. I am also now thinking about outlining the photographs in white which I would do if I did it again and I will do it for the final exhibition.


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